Maria Sings

Maria is nonverbal and loves music. While she has on occasion vocalized short phrases from familiar songs, she typically listens to her selected songs smiling and often responding rhythmically by patting her legs or clapping her hands. In her music therapy sessions, she is currently working on using the iPad to communicate choices and answer yes/no questions, so the iPad was set up on the table when she entered the session room. But Maria had other plans for the day. She sat down and immediately began singing. To capture this novel event, the iPad camera was started and Maria, as you can see, enjoys seeing herself on the screen as she sings. Her therapist, Mimi Sinclair, engages in improvisation with Maria, matching pitch and shaping the song with some rhythmic tapping. This 5 minute video demonstrates Maria’s full engagement in reciprocal interaction through music and is a testament to her intention to communicate in a meaningful way with another. (Video presented with full permission of legal guardian.)