Direct Services

Individual and small group sessions are provided at our offices conveniently located off I-275 in Anderson Township. After an initial assessment, recommendations for programming will be made by the therapist. Early intervention services stimulate development by using the child's natural musical responses to strengthen other skills. School-age programming includes using music as a learning tool, as well as adapted instruction in piano, guitar, voice, strings and drums for those children who cannot learn by traditional methods. Adult services encourage self-expression and development of leisure skills. Music assisted bereavement counseling is provided for all ages.

Contract & Consulting

Therapists are available to provide services on site at area agencies, such as schools, day programs, hospitals, and care centers. Therapists may provide direct services to agency consumers or consult with agency staff to implement music therapy strategies. Music Therapy Services is a registered provider for the Ohio Autism Scholarship Program.


Music Therapy Services provides informational programs to parent and consumer groups free of charge. Training for professionals is provided for a fee.